Choose Life 4 - James and Ann Marie's Story and Reasons to retain the 8th Amendment

Choose Life 4 - James and Ann Marie's Story and Reasons to retain the 8th Amendment

Choose Life 2018 promotes the Church's position on unborn human life and encourages family discussion on this important subject. 

Download Issue 4 here.

From Issue 4: 

Reasons to retain the Eighth Amendment 

Lives saved by the Eighth Amendment It's easy to overlook the positive effect of the Eighth Amendment. An independent report in 2016, The 8th Amendment: Ireland's Life-Saving Provision by actuary Brendan Lynch, estimates that at least 100,000 people are alive in Ireland today thanks to this constitutional provision. It gives people time to think the decision through and choose life for their daughter or son. Ireland's safety record for pregnant women.

A report published by World Health Organisation, Trends in Maternal Mortality: 1990 to 2015, ranks Ireland as a world leader when it comes to safety for pregnant women. Globally, we have one of the lowest maternal mortality rates. Ireland's culture of life has served us well and is an inspiration to many other countries. We have shown it is possible to uphold the equal right to life of pregnant women and unborn babies and still be a world leader in maternal healthcare.

What can you do? 

A national pro-life rally to save the Eighth Amendment takes place in Dublin on Saturday, 10 March. Why not consider attending with your family?

Save the 8th Rally - Sat March 10th - Parnell Sq D...
'Celebrating Family' Conference and Mass - 3rd Feb...

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