Crib Festival Weekend returns to Thornhill - 24-26 November 2017

Crib Festival Weekend returns to Thornhill - 24-26 November 2017


The Crib Festival weekend is on November 24-26 and this year's collection of cribs has even more diversity than last year. There are crèches from Japan, the Vatican, France, Zambia, Mexico as well as nativity scenes specially made for the event. 

With their imagination, friends of Thornhill have created cribs .... out of glass, wood, paper, wool, ceramics, stones, metal, cake, flowers and so on. An additional technological dimension is provided through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and this will appeal to the adult children as well as to those of school-going age!

A small number of creative decorative gifts, candles and religious Christmas cards will be available for sale. This is also a fundraising event for the work of Thornhill Ministries and the Team here would be glad of your support.

DATES: 24,25,26 November TIMES: Friday 12:00 noon - 6:30 pm Saturday & Sunday 10:30 am - 6:00 pm

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