Cursillo Weekends - Christ is Counting on You! - June 2018

Cursillo Weekends - Christ is Counting on You! - June 2018

CURSILLO in the Derry Diocese is holding two "3-day weekends" at the Carmelite Retreat Centre in Termonbacca, Derry : Women's weekend, Thursday 14th June until Sunday 17th; Men's weekend, Thursday 28th June until Sunday 1st July . These are residential weekends and places are available on both weekends. For further information please contact 07708066939 or07841100174


Cursillo is a lay movement within the Catholic Church, It was formed by a group of lay men and priests in Majorca, Spain in the early 1940's, with the full support of their Bishop Juan Hervas. This group of founders had looked closely at the state of Christianity in Spain and were concerned about the apparent disinterest and disaffection shown by many people within their Church as well as the growing secularisation of society. After much prayer, reflection and deliberation and as is now well recognised, inspiration by the Holy Spirit Cursillo as a lay movement, was formed.


Cursillo has a particular method of practical spirituality that is explained in detail during a "three-day weekend".It hinges around what is known as the Cursillo "tripod" of Piety, Study and Action. The Derry Diocesan weekends take place in Termonbacca Retreat Centre and begin on Thursday evening and finishes on Sunday afternoon.


The word "Cursillo" (pronounced – Cour-see-o) is a Spanish word meaning a "short course". It is in fact a short course on the fundamentals of being a Christian. The course is delivered through 15 talks presented by lay people, religious and priests. The talks, whilst dealing with what is fundamental to being a Christian also examines the fundamental questions of life and the claims made by Jesus and the teachings of His Church. Following each talk are facilitated table discussions led by table leaders that explore the central points raised. This discussion is done privately at the table in a spirit of Christian fellowship and charity. Involvement in the discussion is left entirely up to the individual. There is a strict guideline that no one is coerced into doing anything they are not comfortable with during any part of the weekend.

During the "three days" there is an element of retreat when the opportunity to attend the Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered as well as daily participation in the Eucharist.

The entire weekend is carried out within the context of a living, moving, joyful experience. It is of course natural that many human emotions can be experienced during a weekend where you will encounter yourself and your God. The Cursillo team working on these weekends are well experienced in helping people understand these emotions as they have all been through the same experience. All this is done within a strict code of confidentiality, trust and care that is central to Cursillo.

There are very few people who have not left a weekend saying "it was one the best things I have ever done!" 

For many the Cursillo experience has been a life-changing event


The title gives an indication of their content. There are five talks each day.

Friday – Ideals: Grace: Layperson in the Church: Actual Grace: Piety Saturday -Action: Obstacles to Grace: Leaders: SacramentsSunday – Life In Grace: Study of the Environment: Christian Community in Action: Fourth Day (i.e. the rest of your life): Total Security.


Any adult (21+) who wants to improve their life, their relationship with God and their relationship with others. Cursillo is very appropriate for those who have become disaffected or distanced from the Church: for those who may feel "Faraway" from God; for those who want to make a fresh start spiritually. Priests and religious will also benefit from the Cursillo experience. Cursillo does not, and cannot, solve your problems but it has been shown to give people the strength, support and encouragement to do that themselves.


You can only ever do a Cursillo weekend once in a lifetime. The weekend is best described as an experience and not a retreat in the normal sense of the word. It is more properly called an encounter weekend during which you will encounter yourself, your God, and the Cursillo community. It is an encounter that can last for the rest of your life.

Having said that, the weekend is primarily an encounter with Christ in a real and meaningful way that you probably, have never experienced before. When understood in that contest the Christian community fellowship and charity that is central to the ethos of Cursillo will be best understood.

The atmosphere and environment of the weekend will differ greatly from the individual solitude of a retreat. The weekend could also be described as personal spiritual journey but with experienced guides done within a climate of understanding and charity. It's not all spiritual! There is plenty of time during the weekend for making friends, singing, telling jokes and relaxing from the pressures of this hectic world.

Day 1 (Friday) takes a look at your relationship with yourself;

Day 2 (Saturday) – looks at your relationship with God; and

Day 3 (Sunday) – looks at your relationship with others

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