Global Recycling Day - Celebrate in Worship and Action - 17th May 2017

Global Recycling Day - Celebrate in Worship and Action - 17th May 2017

Recycling Day is an annual event celebrated on 17th May. Worldwide, groups, communities and parishes organize events or campaigns to reinforce the message Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Recycle, Redesign and Compost. 

If we send waste to landfill or incineration it causes pollution (CO2 and Methane which cause global warming leading to climate change). It also means we need to use up more of the Earth's resources to create new items. 

There is a global need for us to reduce what we are using and reuse and recycle in order to save the planet's resources for the next generation.

This coming week will be used by many Catholic parishes throughout the world to celebrate International Recycling Day (17th May)

Our 'Faith allows us to interpret the meaning and the mysterious beauty' of what is unfolding in this universe…. 'The Work of the Church seeks to remind everyone of the duty of care for nature'  Laudato Si (45)

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You can celebrate Global Recycling Day in your prayer and worship in your parish, school or home.

You can download this resource to help you:

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