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Mass & Chaplaincy in Other Languages, Extraordinary Form & Churches sui iuris

Mass is celebrated in the Irish language every Sunday at 12.30pm in The Carmelite Friary, Termonbacca, Derry.

Contact: Rev Roland Colhoun CC
Emai: roland@derrydiocese.org

Msze święte w Strabane - St Mary's Church, Melmount: 1 i 3 niedziela miesiąca, godzina 14.00
Msze święte w Buncranie - St Mary's Oratory, Buncrana: 1 i 3 niedziela miesiąca, godzina 11.30
Msze święte w Omagh - Christ The King Stratroy Road: 2 i 4 niedziela miesiąca, godzina 10.00
Msze święte w Derry - Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Steelstown: 2 i 4 niedziela miesiąca, godzina 13.30
Msze święte w Coleraine - St Johns Church: 2 i 4 niedziela miesiąca godzina 18.00

Kontakt: Fr Piotr Zimnoch
028 8224 2092

Fr Łukasz Nizio
028 7135 1718

Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (Traditional Latin Mass)
Mass is celebrated in St Columba's Church, Longtower, Derry on the first and third Sunday of the Month at 2.00pm.

Contact: Very Rev Colum Clerkin PP VF Tel: 028 7135 8519
Email: cclerkinpp@aol.com

Syro-Malabar Church (sui iuris)
Mass is celebrated according to the rites of the Syro-Malabar Church (sui iuris) on the second and last Sunday of each month at 3.30pm in St Columb's Church, Waterside, Derry.

Catechesis for children takes place before Mass at 2.30pm in the Parish Hall adjacent to St Columb's Church, Waterside, Derry.

Contact: Rev Joseph Varghese CC Tel: 028 7774 1256
Email: josephkarukayil@yahoo.com
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