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Ordination of Stephen Ward to the Priesthood

We pray for Deacon Shephen Ward who will be ordained to the priesthood today, Sunday, 10 September 2023.

Stephen is the eldest of two children born to Patricia and the late Paul Ward, of Killyclogher, Co Tyrone.

In January, at Stephen's ordination to the Diaconate Bishop of Derry, Donal McKeown said "Stephen... your ministry is not merely doing a job of helping people to know Christ. Your ordained lifestyle and radical choice to be chosen by Christ – these are signs, sacraments that point to the primacy of God's actions in all of our lives. Your decision today also points to the fact that following Jesus means taking Christ on his terms, and not merely on our terms. Christ is the morning star who comes to visit us like the dawn from on high. It takes a prayerful heart to be vigilant to that visit each day".

"Stephen, may God bless you today and bless many people through your ministry. And let many people bless you in your ministry. You need them as much as they need you".We wish Stephen well in his ministry. This will be the third ordination to the priesthood this year in the Diocese of Derry.

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