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UPDATE - Synod on Synodality


Pre-Synod Gathering Saturday, 18 June 2022 

In preparation for the global Synod on Synodality in 2023, the Catholic Church in Ireland held its national pre-Synodal Assembly in Athlone on Saturday, 18 June. Representatives from all the dioceses in Ireland including Derry, gathered in Athlone to discuss the results of the consultations in Ireland.

Delegates were reminded that Pope Francis has asked every diocese in every country across the universal church, to really reflect and consider 'how are you at being a synodal church' 'what's communion like in your church', 'what's participation like in your church and how are you as a church really being focused on mission'.

Over 40 reports were submitted from across Ireland including the 26 dioceses as well as lay organisations and movements and religious orders. The Steering Committee compiled all those reports under a series of themes which will be submitted to Rome. The purpose of Saturdays gathering was to share with delegates what are the main issues emerging and to respond to check if there were gaps or if anything was missing before completing the final report.

People in the Diocese of Derry along with other Catholics all around the world have taken part in parish consultations in recent months in response to the call from Pope Francis to give their views on the type of church they want. It's the first time such a process has ever taken place. It's called a synodal process and it's all leading up to the global Synod which will take place in Rome next year. The Diocese of Derry submitted its report on its consultations to the Irish Synodal Pathway Steering Committee on 29 May 2022.

The final report will be published Monday, 15 August, the Feast of the Assumption and shared with all.

Reviews of the Pre-Synod Gathering in Athlone

Paula McKeown, Irish Synodal Pathway Steering Committee and Fr Brendan Hoban, delegate from the Diocese of Killala share what they felt and heard at the Assembly.

It was really a national occassion and there was a sense too that it was very much a historic occasion. People were saying things like, well I never thought I'd live to see this day and isn't it wonderful.

by Fr Brendan Hoban
Listen to Fr Brendan's overview of the day on Midwest Radio Faith Alive with Monica Morley

The first overwhelming kind of topics that came out really was, that sense of belonging. People had a sense that actually church and faith is important to them but they got that not everybody feels like they belong in the church.

by Paula McKeown

Listen to Paula's overview of the day on BBC Sunday Sequence with Audrey Carville 

The Synod consultation report from the Diocese of Derry is available to view at:

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