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We Cannot Remain Silent - October Mission Month

World Mission Sunday is Pope Francis' annual appeal for spiritual and financial support so that the life-giving work of overseas mission and missionaries can continue. This year's celebration will take place on Sunday, 24th October 2021.

The theme for World Mission Sunday 2021 is We Cannot Remain Silent: 'For we cannot keep from speaking about what we have seen and heard' (Acts 4:20).

A Series of Presentations on Mission Today - Derry Mission Team

Throughout the month of October, the Derry Mission team are offering a series of presentations on what mission means in today's society. Each presentation is free and will be available online through Zoom. They will consist of a short film, discussion on the topic and a chance to ask questions. 


An introduction to women in the early Church and Mary as our role model

Presented by Bernie Doody

Bernie Doody is a mother and a community volunteer from Omagh. Bernie has been a member of the Derry Mission Team for three years.

DATE: Tuesday, 5th October
Time: 7:00pm
To take part, send an email with your details to: to receive link for Zoom call. 


Women in the Old and New Testament

Presented by Rose McDaid

Rose McDaid is a retired nurse and midwife and has worked in the Health Care profession for many years. Rose served as a volunteer mission worker for nine years in both community and hospital settings in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Presentation: This will be a prayerful talk on important women in the Old and New Testament. The structure of this prayer session will include prayer, scripture and short talks.

DATE: Tuesday, 12th October
Time: 7:00pm
To take part, send an email with your details to: to receive link for Zoom call. 


A guided meditation on 'The Woman of Samaria at the Well' (John 4: 7-30)

Presented by Seamus McDonald and Oliver Barrett

Seamus is from the parish of Cappagh and has worked for several years in sacramental preparation in the parish for First Confession and First Holy Communion.

Oliver Barrett is from the Parish of Leckpatrick and has been involved in the work of the Derry mission team for over three years. Earlier this year he achieved Master of Theology from the International Dominican University after a successful thesis defence. He is a minister of the Word in his parish.

Presentation: This will be a guided meditation on the 'Woman of Samaria at the Well in John Chapter 4. This session will include Scripture reading, silent meditation, sharing and singing.

DATE: Tuesday, 19th October
Time: 7:00pm
To take part, send an email with your details to: to receive link for Zoom call. 


We Cannot Remain Silent

Presented by Noel Bradley

Noel has qualifications in theology and experience in leading faith-sharing. He is married to Rosanna and has two children. He worked as a missionary in Nigeria.

The Mission of God in sending the Spirit of God from the beginning of time and in the history of humanity.
Prophetic Mission of the Spirit in the biblical tradition: Moses, Jesus and his followers.
Channels of Prophetic Inspiration.
The Mission of Jesus as one led by the Spirit to lead a fully human life.
The Mission of the Church today: Some of the new challenges that face us, e.g. Synodality, Climate destruction. New Models, New Images, New attitudes.
Have I a mission and what might it be at this time?

There will be some input with time for reflection and sharing each evening.

DATE: Thursdays, 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th October
Time: 7:30pm
To take part, send an email with your details to: to receive link for Zoom call. 


Every year to enhance World Mission Sunday celebrations we prepare the Mission Month Pack. These resources are designed to help individuals, parishes and communities celebrate not just World Mission Sunday, but the entire month of October.

Feel free to use and share these resources with your wider community in any way you wish – in person, from the pulpit, on your website, or over social media! Click below to download.


Missio Ireland produce resources each year for Parish Mission Teams to use in parishes, especially during the mission month of October and on World Mission Sunday to further help promote mission awareness and the work of Missio Ireland.

If your parish would like to know more about how you can help the Missio Ireland, please contact:
Noel Bradley, Returned Missionaries & Volunteers

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