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The Season of Creation - 1st September to 4th October 2020


Pope Francis established 1st September as an annual World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation.  

The Season of Creation or Creation Time, is marked throughout the Christian world from 1st September to 4th October (Feast of St. Francis of Assisi) and celebrates the joy of creation as well as encouraging awareness-raising initiatives to protect the natural environment.

Season of Creation resources for parish and home 

The following resources are offered for use in parishes and in the home, during the Season of Creation 2020. Please note that the resources will be updated regularly so do please check back in with this page from time to time.

Laudato Si, Care for our Common Home explained 

This animation explores Pope Francis's Encuclical, Laudato Si (Praise Be to You) with primary school aged children. Laudato Si is the first social encyclical in the Catholic Church to address our care for the environment and environmental justice in a direct and specific way.

Season of Creation, Cultivating Hope - Bishop Donal

Fall in Love - Season of Creation - Noel Bradley

  1. Sunday Liturgy Notes for the Season of Creation 2020 – click to download Sunday Liturgy Notes for Season of Creation 2020
  2. A Week-Day Prayer Service for the Season of Creation 2020: Cultivating Hope – click here to download A Week Day Prayer Service for the Season of Creation 2020
  3. Practical Actions for Parishioners – click to download Practical Actions for Parishoners 2020
  4. Leaflet for the Season of Creation 2020 – click to download pdf versions for web Cultivating Hope 2020 Web Version or for print Cultivating Hope Leaflet 2020 Print version

These liturgical resources have been prepared by the Laudato Si' Working Group of the Bishops' Council for Catechetics.

What can you do? 

"I have heard many say that they think this is happening (Lockdown) to make us slow down and think about God and the beautiful world that He has made for us, and how we should take better care of it."
by Kathleen - St John's Parish, Coleraine. Courtesy of The Net

  • Spend some time outside each day, in awareness, reconnect with nature.
  • Start to grow some of your own food; support local producers.
  • Compost your garden and food waste.
  • Avoid or reduce the use of chemicals in your home and garden.
  • Use (vinegar, baking soda) and buy eco- friendly cleaners. See (www.ecoverdirect.com)
  • Plant pollinator friendly plants in your window box or garden at home and in your parish grounds. www.biodiversityireland.ie
  • Check out the Faith Community Pollinator plan and think about how you could implement this in your church grounds https://pollinators.ie/communities/faith-communities/
  • Shop wisely. Buy Fairtrade and buy locally made products when possible.
  • Avoid waste. Reduce, reuse, recycle, recover, treat.
  • Learn how to read your energy bills and make your home more energy efficient.
  • Explore the use of renewable energy in your home, business and school, parish buildings (www.seai.ie).
  • Participate in the Think Before You Flush campaign (www.thinkbeforeyouflush.org) and display the 'Dirty Dozen' posters in toilets in your parish buildings.
  • Consider installing water butts in your gardens.
  • Pray in and with nature – Encourage Laudato Si' themed gardens in your parish.
  • Volunteer your time in some creative project. Join an existing group.
  • Offer a welcome to newcomers where you live.

  • Explore Trōcaire's 100 ways for Parishes to implement Laudato Si' (https://www.trocaire.org/sites/default/files/pdfs/parishes/100-ways-to-implement-laudato-si.pdf)
  • Become an Eco – Parish. See www.ecocongregationireland.com
  • Take the Laudato Si' Pledge (www.CatholicClimateMovement.global/petition )
  • Discuss with / write to your local MLA/TD to express your concern on addressing the climate crisis. Check out www.onefuture.ie for some ideas.
  • Can we help to conserve and protect water in our area? Water is the source of life for all living things. Can we restore a local Holy Well? Take a pilgrimage to a local Holy Well. See www.lovingsisterearth.com
  • Get in touch with local Environmental Action Groups and/or organisations such as Trocaire, World Health Organization, Medecin sans Frontieres, etc.
  • Can we spread hope across the world by twinning with a village in a drought-stricken area?
  • Refuse single use plastics such as cling film, straws, plastic cutlery.
  • Switch to a reusable water bottle /travel cup.
  • Use cloth bags for shopping; Bring/Use your own containers when possible.
  • Check for and then avoid microbeads in products.
  • Refuse packaging – Avoid - Reduce - Re-use – Recycle - Upcycle
  • Check the new recycling list www.recyclinglistireland.ie
  • Organise a recycling workshop in your parish/community www.voiceireland.org
  • Show a film or documentary on the topic in your parish/community
  • Participate in a beach, stream, river, park, street, area, road clean-up.


Formed in 2016, the Diocesan Laudato Si' Group is a response to Pope Francis' urgent challenge to hear "the cry of the Earth and the cry of the Poor."

The group promotes the message that true discipleship requires us to care for the Earth and supports individuals, groups, parishes and schools in becoming active in caring for our Common Home.

If your parish would like to know more about how you can help to care for our common home, please contact:
Patricia McCormack, Laudato Si Derry
Tel: 077 1190 0420 / +44 77 1190 0420
Facebook: Laudatosiderry

Recommended reading for the Season of Creation 2020 

Watch Pope Francis' Prayer Intention for September 2020 which is on caring for our planet.

Young people from the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Kenya, the Philippines, Singapore, Palestine, and Ecuador lead the Season of Creation prayer service.

What is Laudato Si? 

Pope Francis' encyclical letter 'Laudato Si' - Care of our common home' is addressed to "every person living on this planet". Laudato Si' was published on 18 June 2015, in eight languages. At the time, many held great hopes that it would be a powerful voice of influence in three major UN moments, one of which was the UNFCCC Paris Agreement on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

What is an encyclical?
An encyclical is a letter circulated by the Pope to Catholic churches worldwide. It is sent directly from our Holy Father in Rome to Catholics all over the world and is often addressed to all people of good will, namely non-Catholics who may also want to read the document. Pope Francis' encyclical 'Laudato Si' - Care of our common home' is addressed to "every person living on this planet". 

Where can I see the Laudato Si letter?
The encyclical letter 'Laudato Si' is published on the Vatican website - click here to view.

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