Scripture Saturday

Bishop Donal presents the Gospel in brief and easy to understand snippets.

In this series Bishop of Derry, Donal McKeown gives short lessons on the Gospel in a series of easy to understand short (3-4 minute) video's with tips and references of where and how to use the lessons in our daily life.

This initiative was created as part of the Diocesan Youth programme in engaging young people in practical faith activities.

Dying to yourself, take up your Cross in today's society.

Episode: 13
Series: 1

Broadcast: 27 June 2020

Bishop Donal explains Sunday's in Ordinary time and other periods in the liturgical calendar

Episode: 12
Series: 1

Broadcast: 20 June 2020

St John's Gospel chapter 6. 'Eat My flesh, drink My blood'

Episode: 11
Series: 1

Broadcast: 13 June 2020

Trinity Sunday - A God of Tenderness, Compassion, Slow to Anger, Rich in Kindness and Faithfulness.

Episode: 10
Series: 1

Broadcast: 6 June 2020

Your Life Makes Sense

Episode: 9
Series: 1

Broadcast: 30 May 2020

The Feast of the Ascension - how can you make disciples of all nations?

Episode: 8
Series: 1

Broadcast: 23 May 2020

Breaking down the words in the Gospel

Episode: 7
Series: 1

Broadcast: 16 May 2020

Jesus, what are you telling me?

Episode: 6
Series: 1

Broadcast: 9 May 2020

God as a shepherd

Episode: 5
Series: 1

Broadcast: 2 May 2020

On the road to Emmaus

Episode: 4
Series: 1

Broadcast: 25 April 2020

Explaining Easter

Episode: 3
Series: 1

Broadcast: Monday, 13 April 2020

The Word of God is there "to teach you today, not just about the past but about now".

Episode: 2
Series: 1

Broadcast: 11 April 2020

Introducing the Bible

Episode: 1
Series: 1

Broadcast: 4 April 2020